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We are reliable plumbers that can take care of all your repairs. With years of experience, Shawn plumbing and heating offers a variety of services to meet your plumbing, drain cleaning, heating and air conditioning needs. Whether you need a drain unclogged or need to upgrade your plumbing system, we are here to assist!  We also offer exceptional service if you need an air conditioner repaired or a new geothermal system installed. Even if you need a pipe moved or an entire system installed, don’t hesitate to contact us. Therefore, if you reside in South Surrey, these plumbing offers are especially for you!

The best professional plumbers in White Rock

It doesn’t matter what plumbing services you want or how big the issue is. It doesn’t matter if the situation is getting out of hand. We just know how to offer our best plumbing services to you. Our motivation comes from the phrase ‘do everything that’s within your power”

Giving exceptional services to our customers is the unconditional commitment we have. Our expert plumbers have all the ability to bend the odds. That is why they are always able to do the right thing. We make sure to get the approval of our clients by making their lives exponentially better! Therefore, in South Surrey, we are the best plumbing service, provider.

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Online booking is now open for Shawn plumbing and heating LTD! Reach out to us today and fill out the form to secure your spot.

How we make difference:

  • We are reliable
  • We put our clients first
  • We have all the modern equipment


We take pride in the work we do

We are experts in every facet of plumbing in White Rock. Covering installing new bathrooms, fixing leaks, clogs, and basic plumbing upkeep and repairs. For professional assistance, you can depend on our plumbers in White Rock. We support straightforward pricing that is affordable for all clients and is honest and free of extra fees. Our goal is to offer courteous, trustworthy, and excellent service to our clients. And we never let any obstacle pave the way for our excellent service!

We are dedicated to making you happy

Our aim is to maintain clients for life. Through a single call, our passionate and dependable staff is accessible around-the-clock for you. If there is an emergency, you don’t have to worry as we’ll get there in no time!  Our client retention percentage is among the highest in the market thanks to our exceptional job quality and top-notch customer care.  

Scheduling Leaky Pipe Repair Service In White Rock</a> as soon as you suspect a problem is a key to avoiding this mishap. The plumbing experts at Shawn Plumbing and Heating will locate and repair your leaky pipe without cutting corners and offer a long-lasting solution.

No one should ignore crucial plumbing services out of fear that they won’t be able to cover them. We honestly care for you in this matter and try to manage your expenditures as much as possible. Because you deserve to live or work in comfort, we provide reasonable pricing on all of our services.  

Our commitment is to respond as soon as we can to your plumbing issues. We are aware that operating plumbing is essential for all homeowners. Therefore, we can assist, regardless of whether you have a clogged drain or suspect a leak in a pipe. No matter what the issue is, we are eager to be there for all your plumbing needs.

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