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Reliable Bolier Repair Services in South Surrey

You can always count on Shawn Plumbing and Heating to fix and install all your water heating systems. Also, if you need combi boiler repair or installation in South Surrey, we’re the ones to call. Our goal isn’t just to get high ratings but to make sure that your house has good water heating We’re always here to help you! Because, at the end of the day, it’s all about having a good customer relationship. That matters to us, and we want our customers to feel it too! In cold weather, we make sure you get warm water with our exceptional hot water tank installation and replacement in White Rock. As well as all areas of Surrey can benefit from our affordable combi boiler installation service

Moreover, your combi boiler can be fixed or installed by our professionals, no matter how bad its condition gets. To repair your central heating and hot water, we have thousands of gas and heating technicians available around the region. Our boiler repair services in South Surrey are the best in the area and we are confident to provide you with maximum results.

Other than repairing, you also get some extra perks for choosing us, such as:

  • Included are parts and labor in the total cost
  • Competent technicians will look into your issues
  • You also get to avail of emergency services and can rebate from Fortis bc (conditions applied)


While we specialize in all types of water heaters, tankless water heaters are particularly important to us. In general, tankless water heaters are usually much more efficient than other heating systems. Below are some of the advantages of tankless water heaters:

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Reduction of monthly costs:

In spite of the higher installation costs, tankless heaters and combi boilers use less energy and require less maintenance. As tankless models frequently result in long-term financial savings, you should eventually see a return on your investment for your purchase.

Sparing Space

Since there is no tank, the system typically consists of water pipes, an electric or gas heating element, and a few electronics. It might fit neatly into a closet, freeing up more space for storage.

You get pure water

There is little chance of germs forming and festering because water is not kept in the tank over a long period of time. As it is given to the tap, water gets heated. Therefore, the heating element adds more purity to the quality of water.

You get a lot of possibilities

Since some tankless designs operate faster than traditional ones, they are suitable for homes with high demand for hot water. There are also electric variants available. If you decide to go electric, check that your electrical system is current and, if necessary, upgrade it.

Consequently, if you’re considering upgrading your obsolete boiler with a more dependable model, choose us right away. Our combi boiler installation and repair service providers in White Rock do the job in no time. Also, If your combi boiler is quite a few years old, you can be overpaying for heating. Therefore, using an A-rated boiler can significantly reduce your energy costs.

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