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The rain overloaded the sump pump? That is a blind spot that you may not be aware needs more defense. But rest assured we can assist you with seeing yours. Call right now to check your coverage. In South Surrey, our sump pump services are renowned for their outstanding reliability.

When to get a sump pump installed?

In situations where storm or sewer line water cannot be drained via gravity, therefore, sump pumps are used to protect basements from flooding when water cannot be drained by gravity. The best way to remove excess water from your foundation is to have a sump pump installed in Surrey. The sump pump is especially important in homes with finished basements and areas of the city that don’t have much gravity! As the water table rises, the sump pump reroutes water to where it will not have a negative effect.

In order to determine which sump pump is best suited to the home’s specific plumbing system, our specialized specialists can determine the appropriate size, power source, backup power pressure, and voltage to satisfy your needs. Our company offers complete installation, repair, and maintenance services as well.

Sump Pump Repair Services in White Rock

Anyone with a basement in their house understands the importance of a sump pump during the wet season. The sump pump is in charge of keeping the lowest parts of your house dry and preventing floods in the basement and water damage. It’s critical to verify that your sump pump is functioning correctly as a broken sump pump can flood the basement and damage your residence as well.


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Functioning of a sump pump

A sump pump pushes the water out of your basement and then onto your property’s outside. Flooding or a clogged plumbing system can result when the sump pump breaks or malfunctions. Contact us if you are experiencing issues with your sump pump. In White Rock, we provide services for sump pump repairs and installs. We can evaluate your sump pump, find the issue, and fix your system immediately.


  • Preventing floods in basements
  • Aids in reducing sewage overflows
  • Assists in controlling mold and mildew in your home
  • Increase the value of the property
  • Lowers the humidity level in the home
  • Can reduce heating expenses with a system of continuous drainage.
  • Termite or insect infestation avoidance


The sump pump will not only drain your basement, but it will also eliminate groundwater, so why take the risk of not repairing it? Sump pumps can not only drain the water from your basement but also eliminate groundwater. The water will drain from your house and away from the ground when some pumps detect water in the soil, so you won’t have to worry about it later. You’ll get hefty costs if you risk a repair of such a big appliance.

Shawn plumbing and heating anchors its premium prices with top-notch services. At such low rates, we provide our clients with top-class repairs. Our company regularly wins industry awards all for good reasons. Years of hard work and devotion have made us South Surrey’s best sump pump repairers and installers.

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